Bob Crowley


About Bob Crowley

Why hire Bob to list your home or help you find your next one? Bob’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious. He has a knack for listening to his clients, meeting and exceeding their expectations, and works hard to make the journey stress free for his clients. Bob is a great communicator who keeps his clients well informed of the progress. He is known for his honesty and trustworthy approach to his peers and clients. Bob will market your properties using a variety of sources including online tools, print marketing, onsite materials and Open Houses and realtor functions. He hails from New Jersey, growing up with seven siblings. Therefore, family has always been important to and he currently has 35 nephews and nieces along with 3 god daughters spread throughout the United States. Bob has lived in 10 different states including Hawaii, and he really enjoys the Aloha Lifestyle with his wife Sonya who is a flight attendant and from the Charlotte area. Before he had a very successful career in real estate, Bob excelled in the restaurant sales industry. He served in positions as Regional Vice President and Director of Operations for some of the leading chains. Bob lead over 1000 employees in his supervisory position and made the change when he decided he wanted to focus on his people and leadership skills as an entrepreneur. Bob loves helping buyers and sellers reach their real estate goals. In the past 8 years he has assisted his clients in purchasing and selling over 175 homes. He is a dedicated professional and will represent you proudly!